Revolutionizing the Road: STMicroelectronics Electrifying Journey

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Revolutionizing the Road: STMicroelectronics Electrifying Journey

Imagine a world where the whisper of electrons replaces the roar of engines, and where sustainability meets performance on the open road. STMicroelectronics, a dynamic force in integrated device manufacturing, isn't just imagining it—they're bringing this vision to life. With a global network of over 200,000 customers and countless partners, they're not only designing and crafting cutting-edge products, solutions, and ecosystems, but they're also shaping the future—a future that's greener, more efficient, and undeniably electrifying.

Unleashing the Power of Electrification

In a world where the quest for eco-friendly and safer transportation is driving the automotive industry forward, electrification is the name of the game. The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is skyrocketing, but to truly win the race, innovation must reign supreme. STMicroelectronics is at the forefront of this electrification revolution, taking on the challenge of reducing range anxiety and speeding up charging times. Their goal? To make EVs the top choice for drivers, no matter how far they need to go.

The Brains Behind the EV Revolution

Microcontrollers, or MCUs, are the unsung heroes of the electric vehicle movement. They're the masterminds behind power conversion efficiency and performance, the key to rapid charging and extended cruising range between charges. ST's latest generation of MCUs not only boasts unmatched safety and security but also offers over-the-air software updates, enhancing the ownership and driving experience throughout a vehicle's life. This means manufacturers can stay ahead of the technology curve, combat evolving threats, and introduce new features that redefine the EV landscape.

Meet the Stellar E: Your Electric Companion

Enter the Stellar E automotive MCUs, a true game-changer in vehicle electrification. Powered by dual 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 CPU cores, they're the driving force behind efficient EVs. With advanced capabilities, high-resolution control, and a suite of safety features, Stellar E MCUs are here to extend your cruising range and reduce charging times. These MCUs don't just control power; they revolutionize it with ST's Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power technologies.

Simplifying Complexity for a Safer Ride

Stellar E MCUs aren't just brains; they're brawn, too. They simplify system design, cut costs, and fast-track compliance with automotive safety and security standards. Their safety and security foundations, coupled with real-time and analogue performance, elevate electrification to a whole new level of efficiency. Stellar E's high-speed control-loop processing and onboard features like Sigma-Delta-ADCs and high-resolution timers ensure precise control and performance, replacing the need for external DSPs.

Evolving with the Times

As vehicles become more software-defined, Stellar E MCUs are ready to adapt. They offer efficient over-the-air updates that keep your vehicle evolving and improving, adding new features, enhancing performance, and addressing safety or security concerns.

Fortifying Security

And let's not forget about security. Stellar E MCUs come equipped with a flexible hardware security module (HSM) sub-system to safeguard your vehicle's control systems against cybersecurity threats, ensuring your EV operates as intended.

Driving the Future of EVs

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, MCUs are the linchpin. They manage energy efficiently, control power conversion, and guarantee safety and security. With ST's innovative approach and partnership with Arm, we're witnessing a shift toward a more confident and accelerated transformation in the automotive industry.

Luca Rodeschini, Vice President of Strategic Business Development and Automotive Processing at STMicroelectronics, sums it up best: "Our Stellar MCUs enable state-of-the-art electrification while ensuring efficient energy management and software-defined flexibility for vehicle lifecycle management. With Stellar E devices, we're ushering in a new era of EVs that can adapt, control, enhance efficiency, and deliver power securely. It's all right here in a single component, shaping the future of driving."
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