What's in the box?

Help when fitting a universal Single DIN or Double Android Headunit. ISO adaptors to convert factory leads to the Android standard connectors may be required
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What's in the box?

You will buy your first Universal Fitting Android Headunit and wonder what would be in the box.

The universal fitting Android Headinits generally fall into two categories:

The Single DIN


The Double DIN

This is the size of the body of the headunit and not the size of the screen, which can come in many different sizes and configurations,

All universal fitting Android headunits will have ISO plugs/sockets and wires and usually some hardware brackets or cages to mount.

(This model came with bare wires and no ISO plugs, making the installation more time-consuming).

In the box:

What's in the Android Headunit box
What's in the Android Headunit box

In the box are the Android Headunit, mounting hardware, and screws for the brackets. Then, all the connection cables and wires need to be installed. There is a GPS antenna included.

You may find that even though all the cables are supplied, the headunit will not use them. The lower specification versions have features missing, but they are all supplied with the same basic cable set.
Not to forget to mention the 'installation guide.'

You may have received a 'gift' in the form of a backup camera.

Now you know what to expect to find in the box; with all those cables and wires, it can give you a better understanding of what needs to be done if you want to install your Universal Android Headunit yourself.

If you don't have everything you expect in the box, double-check at the bottom, then contact the vendor for help to confirm if something is missing before you start the installation. It is better to sort everything out before you want to fit it.
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