Power off vs sleep

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Power off vs sleep

I notice that our radio is draining the car battery and based on what I have been able to find in my research, the sleep vs power off functionality may be what I need to modify. Seems a balance between how long the battery lasts and the boot time. I also saw some info about 2 different power source options but not sure my HU has this option as the power connector is just a standard VW plug. Appreciate any recommendations.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Power off vs sleep

Hi Jafajones

I suggest a little digging in the advanced settings and looking for sleep mode.

If you do disable the sleep mode it should preserve the car battery but at the cost of a 'cold boot' each time.

Some setting allow for a timed sleep, where the headunit will sleep for a couple of hours and be ready to warm boot in that time frame. But if the time is longer it will switch off fully to preserve the battery, say, for overnight.

You may need the not so secret PIN number to access the advanced settings, you will be prompted for it. Hopefully it will be in the manual/instruction sheet that came with the headunit, sometimes its in the eBay listing. If you don't know the PIN, have a look at our list of 'Android Headunit PIN numbers' on the resource site.
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