Reversing camera options

Backup camera installation questions
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Reversing camera options

I have a cheap android stereo that is just enough, but what really want to get working is the reversing, or backup camera.

I have seen the guide to installing them ... -headunit/ and its the long run from front to back of the vehicle that would be the biggest headache.

Is there a wifi or similar solution that means less of the long run of cable from the head unit to the boot lid?
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Re: Reversing camera options


I see the problem.

The solution could be a wireless kit that converts a standard RCA-type reversing camera to a wireless transmitter. The receiver part is connected to the Android Headunit - pink wire, yellow RCA, and it needs 12v power.

They are not WiFi, so no passwords are needed, but they are 2.4GHz wireless, so they are suitable for the basic camera that will fit your Android.

You can find the wireless reversing camera kit in this link to AliExpress (the 2.5GHz wireless pair).

Let us know how you get on. :)
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