Not all Headunits with a screen are Android

This is the place to discuss the merits of the MP5 players and WINCE devices that don't run Android, like Android Auto and Dumb Mirrors, like Japanese radios with screens like Android-Auto screens.
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Not all Headunits with a screen are Android

Before Android Headunits became popular, there were Windows CE-based Headunits.

They have similar capabilities: a backup camera, steering wheel controls, and a color touch screen.

The biggest difference is that the Windows CE or MP5 players will not load Android Apps. They are not Android devices; although they look like an Android screen, they are not running Android.

Without Android running on the device, it won't load, install, or run any apps from the Google PlayStore, no Google Maps or Launchers.

Converting the Windows CE or MP5 Players to Android is impossible.

Confusingly, the Windows CE headunits are also called MP5 Players by vendors.

Android Auto is another screen-based in-car entertainment unit that doesn't run Android Apps.

If you have posted a Windows device or MP5 player question in the Android section, a Moderator may have moved the post here to keep order in the forum.
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